Broker Agreement, Required Documentation


Vendor Profile, Signed Policies and Procedures Document – The policies and procedures document and Affidavit must be signed.

Insurance Certificate -Please request your insurance company to add Vehicle Management Solutions as a certificate holder. Minimum required $500,000 general liability, $50,000 On-hook.

Signed Copy of Affidavit of Acknowledgement of Responsibility – Company officials must acknowledge that they will be responsible for damage and that all of their drivers are familiar and intend to comply with DOT regulations, including the requirement for random drug and alcohol testing.

Completed and signed W-9 – IRS regulations require backup withholdings of any payment to a subcontractor of 30% if no W-9 is on file.

Written Substance Abuse Policy – A statement from your employee handbook or similar document is sufficient.

DOT or MC# – DOT or Motor Carrier # or State issued permit #

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